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Sound playback with an atmel mega128

This is an atmel mega128 running at 16MHz playing two drum samples (one at a time) at 16M / 512 = \r
31,250 KHz. The wav files are 16 bit stereo and stored in the 128's program memory. Each byte is \r
passed through an 8 bit parallel in-serial out shift register into an CS4334 DAC.
afroninjadeluxe : Long shot: playing a midi trough atmel128 without any other chip, is this possible?
specialfxmaker : Wow great video How did you generate the master clock?
specialfxmaker : Low quality.
AHMED YUSRY : this is a very good project I'm very interested about how you did that project specially how can you save the WAV files on the micro and how you output this files into a digital signal to be send to DAC
could you help me on that

Silver Stefano : good work, please give me a site to look the project. thanks

IE-VX-MEGA128 Microcontroller Board

IE-VX-MEGA128 Microcontroller BoardIE-VX-MEGA128 is a debugging set for the development of systems on the basis of ATmega128 microcontroller which is an 8 bit AVR microcontroller with an in-system programmable Flash memory of 128 Kbytes. The board is fitted with 3 INEX standard pin connectors for different Innovative Experiment peripherals including motor drivers, 433MHz receivers, ultrasonic distance sensors, infrared sensors and transmitter-receivers. Features:• onboard microcontroller ATMEGA128: 128Kb Flash memory programs, 64Kb RAM, 4Kb EEPROM;• all microcontroller ports are accessible on 3 pin connectors (INEX standard);• feed circuits;• ISP connector;• USB-UART bridge;• 4 push buttons;• character two-line LCD;• 3 INEX standard pin connectors for various periphery;• 32Kb RAM / 32Kb EEPROM memory module Plug-In. The kit includes:• ATmega128 Microcontroller board;• Plugable RAM and EEPROM memory module;• USB cable;• CDROM with software and documentation.

[LK임베디드]LKino MEGA128 트레이닝 보드 실습

[LK임베디드]LKino MEGA128 트레이닝 보드 실습




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